Artists from across the state have come together in Bunbury, WA to create an artistic masterpiece Key Assets.

The artwork is part of the not-for-profit’s national art competition centered around the theme ‘we are all connected.’

Artists Linda Blyth, Terry Madgwick, Christy Valli-Mad and Brooke Stepherdson volunteered their time and materials to help Key Assets spread a strong message—to appreciate the differences we see in each other and understand that we are all connected.

Terry Madgwick says the painting uses the elements of earth, water, fire and air to show how we’re all connected, and each artist covered an element to bring the piece together as one.

“While the basic thought process behind the artwork lies in where we came from and what binds us together, other aspects, some noticeable and hidden, also come into play.”

“The four elements of fire, earth, water and air play a vital role connecting every living thing, however like all of us, there are differences,” Terry says.

“Harshness, softness, even associated colours, the physical size or volume of the matter, all differs, yet none is less important than the other.”

“Sometimes we don’t fully understand a being or its environment because of differences, yet we are all connected.”

Bunbury Regional Art Gallery has offered Key Assets a room to feature the artwork which will run in as part of a 3-week exhibition up until 6 May 2019.

Key Assets Key Worker, Helen Petherick says they would not have been able to achieve such a great event without the artists’ support.

“We’re extremely grateful for their guidance and genuine passion towards this project.”

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