Bronte’s letter

Below is a letter written by a child currently in care who wanted to reach out to people thinking about becoming foster carers. We have changed the child’s name to protect her identity. 

Hi my name is Bronte and I’m one of three foster children Chantal and Shaun are raising at the moment. I personally thought it would be a great idea to tell people what my thoughts are from a foster child’s viewpoint. So I’m going to tell you about my feelings on when i first went to Chantal and Shauns home.

When i first went to Chantal and Shauns house was for a restbite stay then it turned into a temporarily home and now until im 18 years old. It was a bit scary moving into their house with my older sister. But they made us welcome into their lives, also their dog henry helped us get through the scariness but now is ours too. Chantal and Shaun with my education a lot because id never really gone to pre kindy or kindy, but they helped me catch up to where everyone else was. Now, im going to tell you what it felt like to leave your mum and dad to strangers. It can feel scary at first but you will slowly get used to living with these people, the thing that helped me get through the scaryness was getting to know the people im with, a welcoming and comforting bedroom and also the family dog to cuddle with at bedtime.

Some other things that could possibly help your new foster child fell comforted and welcome into your life and house are a warm bed with a colourful! bed sheet with a soft rug this is what in my bedroom that comforted me. It is also a good idea to be introduced to the other extended members of family slowly so the child wont be overwhelmed by all the people. One thing that helped me get to know my foster parents was cooking scones ans making some warm hot chocolate or to draw eachother . A board game or going for a play at the park is a way to bond and to trust eachother. When i first went to Chantal and Shaun there was a family dog already, pets are a very good idea so your foster child has a friend to cuddle, plat and talk too. Another idea for when your foster child, goes to a school in your area is to orginise with some mums to have play dates with children in there year so they have some kids to make friends with on the first day. I was lucky because Chantals nephews went to our school and they came at lunch to see if i was ok.

I hope this helped to understand what it is like from a foster childs point of view. If you have any questions ille be happy to answer them for you.