Happy National Volunteer Week

This week is an annual celebration acknowledging the generous contributions of the six million Australians who volunteer their time.

Many people may not know that Foster Carers are also volunteers.  Foster Carers do so much more than give children a home, they step into a space where they take on the day to day responsibilities for the well-being of children.

With many events being postponed or cancelled, 2020 see’s National Volunteer Week move to online platforms for activities. Businesses and organisations are doing something a little different this year, such as meet-and-greets with families through digital platforms, virtual lunch parties or emailed certificates of appreciation. But what is important to remember, is even though there are no big extravagant events, volunteering is still appreciated by you, the volunteer, as well as the community and the people you are helping.

Key Assets wishes to deeply thank and acknowledge the important nurturing and care that volunteer foster carers provide to children who need it. Children need foster carers now more than ever.

If you are looking for a meaningful purpose and you’d like to know more about fostering and how you could help, we’d love to connect with you on 1800 932 273 or www.keyassets.com.au We will respond to every enquiry, getting creative about the way we connect to keep our community safe.

A big round of applause and an iso high-five to you all!