Key Assets Australasia welcomes CEO to Queensland

Key AssetsKey Assets Australasia welcomed its’ CEO, Estella Abraham, kicking off her visit to Australia and New Zealand in Brisbane to attend the Australasian Directors meeting. In true Australian style she was given a warm welcome by the Queensland team. Estella was presented with some artwork which had been specifically painted by local Aboriginal artist Robin (AKA Tallman) Wakkajinda. On presenting the art work Tallman highlighted the Rainbow Serpent, depicted as the most powerful and dominant dream time story.

Key AssetsAddtionally Tallman also presented Key Assets Fostering (QLD) with the completed piece of art which both he and some of the children and young people placed with the agency had undertaken, entitled ‘Kinghsip’. Tallman read the story which the Elders in his community had given approval too to depict the journey of Key Assets Fostering in South East Queensland.

Kinship Story

Key Assets

Many years ago there was a kingship between man and wildlife. There was a brotherhood and a sisterhood to look after in the community, man showed how to look after one-another. In the dreamtime Father Kangaroo would look after all the abandoned babies, there were many reasons why the parents of babies died mainly because of fire and floods. This is why father kangaroo showed all the babies in the community the way to live their lives. He looked after baby Wombat because his mother and father passed away and the baby wombat had no one to look after him and show him the way of living. Father Kangaroo showed him how to hunt and gather food. When baby Wombat got big and strong Father Kangaroo took Mr Wombat to the bushland where he was found when he was a little baby, Father Kangaroo found baby Wombat after the bush fire he then took him and raised and taught him how to survive’.