Men’s Health Week – A celebration of Men’s Health

Men’s Health week is all about increasing awareness of preventable health problems, and encouraging early detection and treatment of disease among males. The week is celebrated every year around the world in the middle of June, as an important opportunity to highlight what it means for men to be healthy. In Australia, 3 out of 5 men believe themselves to be healthy. But being healthy isn’t something that we can always see. It’s not just about being clear of diseases. It’s defined as a state of physical, mental, and social well-being. Although men believe themselves to be healthy – this isn’t always a black and white answer. Did you know that only 30% of men’s overall health is determined by his genetics? Meaning 70% is controllable through lifestyle. That leaves room for cancer’s, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and mental illnesses to sneak up when you least expect them to. Now I’m not saying all men, but some have the “I’ll get around to it soon” attitude when it comes to popping in to see a doctor or getting those regular checks done. That’s where weeks like Men’s Health Week can make all the difference! Through thought, discussion and events, we communicate what needs to be done to improve men’s health. See that doctor! Get those checks! Do those important things and take responsibility for your health to ensure you stick around to see another day. Approximately half of all Australian men will experience a mental illness over their lifetime, yet only a small portion will seek professional help. Furthermore, intentional self-harm remains the leading cause of death for men in Australia under 54 years. With Australia’s suicide statistics, men comprise over 75% of all suicides, that’s 6 out of every 8 people. Men’s Health Week is designed to raise awareness of things such as mental health, and highlight that it is ok to ask for help. Through events, social media and conversation, we can together celebrate the strength of men, the courage and contribution they have to our lives, and the important role they play in society. This Men’s Health Week, make sure all the men in your life are aware of the importance of their health. You could get in touch with your three best mates to avoid social isolation, host a virtual coffee catch-up, or share a positive message about the men in your life on social media. To all our carers, our husbands, brothers, dads, cousins, granddads, and friends out there – your health matters. You matter. Don’t isolate yourself, but speak to someone if you need help. Keep up-to-date with all your health checks, and look after yourselves! Men’s Health Week 15-21 June 2020. Working together for men’s health. Communities together. Cultures together. Genders together. Preventing suicide together.