National Safe Work Month

National Safe Work Month is a campaign held every October to raise awareness of Workplace Health and Safety practices, and to provide resources for workplaces to run their own events. The campaign is about encouraging organisations and businesses to make a commitment to improving health and safety in the workplace.

Everyone is impacted by work related injuries and illnesses. Whether it be individuals, their families or the broader community, someone you know has probably been impacted. Safe Work Australia preliminary data showed that in 2019, around 180 people died while doing their job. In 2017/18, around 107,000 people made a workers’ compensation claim for serious injury or illness. By providing resources, policies and procedures, Safe Work Australia aims to reduce these statistics and create safe and healthy environments for all employees, workers and customers alike.
The theme of National Safe Work Month this year is ‘Work Health and Safety through COVID-19’. This theme was selected to acknowledge and reflect on the effects the global pandemic has had on all Australian industries.

The reality is that businesses and employees have had to quickly adapt their practices and procedures to help minimise the spread of COVID-19. I’m sure if you’ve been to a store recently you’ve seen various infographics and fact sheets scattered around stores about COVID-19. These fact sheets highlight physical distancing, sanitising hands prior to entering, using tap-and-pay, and many other recommended practices in response to the pandemic.
All of this information has been enforced by Safe Work Australia, to help minimise community transmission of the virus.

To promote National Safe Work Month, campaign kits are digitally focused and free to download. These resources include web graphics, social media tiles and document templates that can be customised to appeal to a broad range of organisations, sectors and industries. This being said, organisations can create custom content that appeals to their employees and customers alike. Ultimately, the campaign aims to encourage businesses, employers and workers to commit to building safe and healthy workplaces for all Australians.
So, whether you are a business owner, employee, or even a customer, it is important to engage and abide by all processes and procedures set out by organisations. These will help protect you and create a safe and healthy place for all.