National Sorry Day

National Sorry Day is an annual day of remembrance held on May 26, to acknowledge the injustice experienced by members of the Indigenous communities. The day recognises the regrettable circumstances that allowed Aboriginal children to be forcibly removed from their families, formerly known as the Stolen Generation.

The day is a day to reflect on the pain, suffering and grief felt by the Stolen Generation, and to recognise the resilience and strength of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people. It’s a day to acknowledge and understand the mistreatment of Australia’s Indigenous communities, and provide a sincere apology for their descendants and families left behind.
We here at Key Assets understand the impacts the injustice experienced still has on the lives of Aboriginal people today, and that healing is something that will take time.

As we move forward into a future together, we look forward to learning more about our shared heritage and our differences, and encourage benevolence between culturally diverse families and communities.