Last week, Professor Tadashi Nakamura from Ritsumeikan University and staff from the Nippon Foundation in Japan visited our Queensland office as part of an international partnership with Key Assets in Australia and Japan. 

We shared our knowledge and expertise in fostering to help the Nippon Foundation and our Japanese-based team develop the first ever Fostering Social Work course in Japan.

Key Assets’ Australian CEO, Rob Ryan says the visit was a great example of creating positive international relationships for the greater good.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Nippon Foundation and Ritsumeikan University. Working together has given us the opportunity to share what we have achieved here in Australia to help assist in the course development and launch in Japan this coming August,” Mr. Ryan said.

Our staff, carers and young people in Brisbane were also able to share their fostering experience to cultivate the inaugural course.

The Nippon Foundation is a not-for-profit, private grant-making organisation focusing on social innovation. The foundation strives to achieve a society where everyone supports each other. Their goal is to give all of humanity the chance to participate in creating our future.