Stress Down Day

2020 has been a stressful year, to say the least. So much has changed in our lives, from the way we take our kids to school, to the way we buy our morning coffees. The whole world is changing right now, our routines, our familiarity, and our lives as a whole. Changing what we’re use to can be demanding, so we need to ensure we are taking appropriate steps to reduce our stress levels in this new world.

Friday 24 July is Stress Down Day, which is a fun and engaging initiative designed to reduce stress, and to raise awareness of the impact stress can have. In addition, Stress Down Day is a proud supporter of Lifeline. Funds raised throughout Stress Down Day will go towards increasing the number of volunteers helping Lifeline in times of crisis. The charity is a 24- hour crisis support and prevention service aimed at reducing suicide rates through connection, compassion and hope.

Research shows that 90% of Australian’s need to stress less. A lot of the time you won’t even realise you are under copious amounts of stress until the negative side effects start to take over. These can include frustration or irritability, difficulty relaxing, reduced energy, headaches, sickness and constant worrying. Stress Down Day is about reducing these effects
to create a happier and healthier you.

When it comes to stress in children, nearly half of Australian kids feel its impact. Not only are they going to feel stressed because their world is changing, but they are going to face the fundamental stresses that come with being a kid. Stress can result from things such as social relationships, exams, tests and workload. Heightened stress in kids can then translate
to reduced academic performance and achievement, concentration difficulties, lowered engagement and behavioural troubles.

Now you may be thinking – yes, I see the signs in myself or my child that we are indeed stressed, but how do we go about changing this? The best ways to combat stress are to learn and practice relaxation techniques, laugh therapy, and to exercise regularly. Exercise particularly is our body’s natural defence system against stress.It’s important to note that how I reduce my stress, might not necessarily work for you. And what works for you might not work for your child. This being said, it is important to figure out what works best for you, and for your child, and to continue to do it.
Stress Down Day is a day to reduce your stress. Use the day as an opportunity to prioritise your health, to be silly, and to most of all, have fun.

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