The Meaning of Family

A Celebration of National Families Week When you search the word ‘Family’ there are several definitions. and honestly, they’re all wrong. A family is something that cannot be defined by a few simple words. It’s something you feel. Something you can’t always explain. So long as there is love, there is family.

Every year between 15-21 May, Australia celebrates National Families Week. This year, however, there will be two celebrations. One this week where we can celebrate with our household, and one later in the year where we can celebrate with our wider family, our friends and community.

National Families Week is a week to celebrate our families in all their diversity and forms, and the role our family units play in community wellbeing. It is a day to share the enjoyment of family activities with our household unit and wider community.
The theme this year is “Stronger Families, Stronger Communities”. The theme is quite fitting for our current situation, really. It highlights that by being stronger as a family, we strengthen our wider community and its wellbeing. The theme showcases the role individual families play by working together to support each other and provide care for the broader community; strength in numbers. With this in mind, the importance of physical distancing needs to be ensured to continue to strengthen our communities.
You may ask, ‘how do we celebrate National Family Week without getting involved in the community?’ Well, the answer is simple. There are many ways! For example, National Families Week has put together a list of different resources for you and your children, such as colouring pages and story templates.

You could even put up inspirational words, posters, or crafts in the community section of your local supermarket or takeaway store. Another way could be to post photos on social media of your local area and its surroundings, in support of your community. There are many ways you and your family can celebrate National Families Week at home!

National Families week is a week to show kindness and to protect the health and wellbeing of everyone in your community. It’s a week that showcases the role that families play in teaching, nurturing and supporting children, and a week to celebrate what family life means to you.

Happy National Families Week!