Tony Calgaret – Cultural Practice Leader in WA

I am an Aboriginal man from the Wadandi tribe in the Southwest of Western Australia and I am lucky to be the Cultural Practice Leader at Key Assets in Western Australia.
I have been employed here since February 2017. Before working here I worked in my own consultancy business and for both Commonwealth and State
government departments. I also worked for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal nongovernment organisations.
As an Aboriginal person I enjoy working for Key Assets WA where I look forward to going to work each day. I am really making a difference to help staff to reconnect Aboriginal children in care to their culture, language, land and community. KAWA in my opinion is the best organisation of its type in Western Australia and staff from the Director down are highly focussed on making its services Aboriginal friendly.

I know Key Assets WA is a highly respected, committed and responsive nongovernment organisation. The staff are open and supportive of making services and practice meet the needs of children in care. This organisation actively seeks Aboriginal advice and uses that advice in all aspects of the organisations planning, services and day to day practice. This same commitment extends to recruiting and keeping Aboriginal staff. We have been made to feel very welcome with the agency and have continual support, respect and encouragement in our work. I would recommend any Aboriginal person looking for work in this field to get in touch with KA.