Valentine’s Day

You know Valentine’s Day is fast approaching when you walk through your local supermarket and bouquets of red roses flood the entrance way. Walking further into the supermarket, you then see displays filled with boxes of chocolate at the end of every isle. When you’re finally ready to check out, you are then submerged in heart shaped candies and red teddy bears of all shapes and sizes. From the moment you walked in, until the moment you walked out, I’m sure you’re aware that it’s almost Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday where a lot of people express their affection with greetings and gifts. Whether it be buying that bouquet of roses or box of chocolates, making or buying a card, going out for dinner or telling someone you love them. However you celebrate Valentine’s Day – the important thing is that you make someone feel that much more special.
When you think about Valentine’s Day – you may think about romance. Quite often that’s what films depict the day to be about. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be about romance. The true meaning of the day is showing someone you love them. A valentine can be anyone you love or appreciate – a partner, parent, friend or child. The important thing is that they feel valued and cared for.

Films also depict Valentine’s Day as a day to give gifts – but again, it doesn’t need to be about gift giving. The day can be about spending time as a family or with that special someone. It could be doing something spontaneous or new with someone you love. It could be serving up a heart shaped meal or a bowl of red fruit. It could be doing arts and crafts or creating festive wall art. It can be anything you want it to be. Valentine’s Day isn’t about fitting inside a heart shaped mould – it’s about sharing love and feeling loved.
This Valentine’s Day, help your children and the children in your care learn that Valentine’s day isn’t all about romance. Help them understand that they are loved, cared for and valued. Help them realise that they have the ability to help others feel the same.

No matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day, one thing is for sure: We wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day filled with good weather, food and especially good company, like you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt ~ Charles M. Schulz